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LFS Express, or LFSx, is a powerful automated investment management platform supported by Charles Schwab that puts you in the drivers seat. Overseen by the Registered Investment Advisory team at LFS Asset Management, LFSx offers a broad range of investment strategies from which you can choose according to your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

In the event your strategy changes or the market shifts, you have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Charles Schwab FAQs

LFSx Offers:

  •  Robust ETF Portfolios – A diverse set of portfolios to help meet your investment goals.
  • Automated rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and paperless onboarding.
  • Competitively priced with no account service fees, trading commissions, or custody fees.
  • Managed and supported by the advisors at LFS Asset Management, with 30+ years in financial and tax advisory services.

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To begin, click below. You’ll need our unique Advisor Program Key to access the customized portfolios created and managed by the professionals at LFS Asset Management.

Advisor Program Key: 7X6P

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What’s the cost?

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Video demonstrations to help you navigate your LFS Express dashboard.

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