Portfolio Management

LFS Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm
offering fee-based investment management to our clients.

 All LFS fee-based managed accounts are custody at
Charles Schwab & Company.

What We Do


We begin with an independent analysis of your portfolio mix, to determine the buy, sell, and hold status of each position in your account. This is done based on each holding’s momentum, trend, and reward/risk ratio analysis.

Risk Management

The next step is to apply risk management strategies to protect your portfolio, using asset allocation, position sizing and trailing stop losses. This will let the winners in your portfolio to grow while cutting short the losers.

Tactical Asset Allocation

With tactical asset allocation, we continue to monitor and adapt to the market’s changing conditions, rotating in and out of offense and defense strategies as necessary.

Capital Investment Portfolio Analysis

Positions in your account will be grouped by asset class, then by sectors within each asset class, to show what your portfolio consists of and how those asset classes are allocated.
We measure the favorability of each sector and rank them from strongest to weakest.
You will be provided with recommended actions to take for each position, following the investment strategies we use when managing money, as well as receive an analysis summary outlining our findings.

For investors who regularly manage their own money, but would like the benefit of a professional check-up, LFS Asset Management can provide a fee-for-service analysis of your portfolio.

Using both technical factors and current economic conditions, we provide a snapshot report on each position and asset class you hold to inform you of not only the buy, sell, and hold status of each, but also the recommended position sizes for your personal financial situation. We meet with you to go through the report and explain our analysis and recommended actions.

With this service, you can continue managing your portfolio with the added guidance of an investment team and clear recommendations to keep your portfolio running smoothly.